The rest of my journey..

I started this journey with so much apprehension and worry so I started this blog to document my experience but truth be told it was just so easy to do.

Step one: put on new braces every two weeks and wear them as much as you can (they say 20 hours+ per day).
Step two: see your dentist every 8 or so weeks.
Step three: repeat.

I have done this for 41 aligners (82 weeks plus). Just before Christmas the great Dr gave me the all clear to not wear braces for a few days to see what happened. There was (what I thought) heaps of movement and I was freaking out. Luckily got in to go see the dentist and he said to put the braces back on to stop it. Then he mentioned that some of the teeth had over corrected. This means they had moved past what they were supposed to. Bugger.

More braces for me to correct the over correctedness!

I have finished paying off my braces now and I was expecting to have to pay more for the extra sets but nope – all part of the package. Nice!

All in all the end is in sight – but it’s been so long what’s a few more weeks right?!


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