Update – Trays 1-10

I am well into my Invisalign treatment, having just started tray 10 (out of 48). I am used to the routine of brushing my teeth after each meal, and rinsing the trays, and have even inspired some work mates to brush their teeth after lunch too. They do not have Invisalign, but they approve of good oral hygiene.

The one thing that I thought that I would hate was the pain. Honestly, so far, when I put my new tray in at night, it hurts for 20 minutes at MOST, and then feels fine. After I take them off the next morning it can be a little tender if you are biting into hard foods, but it doesn’t hurt to have them in. Looking after my teeth and the trays has been pretty easy – although I have some observations.

Firstly, I have been getting a little worse with wearing the braces in the weekends. I will always wear them every night, but on Saturday morning I will have a lazy breakfast and a few coffees before going to the gym so sometimes they can be out for a long period of time. I have noticed that they are much tighter when I put them in again – it’s amazing how much teeth move. If I leave the trays out for a whole day (over 8 hours) then I will just wear them for an extra day before changing the trays to the next one. I would not recommend not wearing them for long periods of time over a day, but just know it won’t ruin your treatment as long as you make up the time. With keeping the trays clean, I find this the easiest part, as I just soak them in the denture cleaner every night (mostly) and they don’t smell or discolour. I did have some Indian snacks at work, and had to put my trays back in without brushing, and that did stain them yellow, but luckily it was my last day on those trays anyway.

Secondly, it is a lot easier to brush and maintain my own teeth, because they are moving, there are bigger spaces between them. The dentist recommended I purchase an electric toothbrush to help out, but my $40 OralB from Countdown (supermarket)wouldn’t suffice. I purchased a different toothbrush, for NZD$150. It is an expensive purchase, but as this whole thing is expensive I thought why got give my teeth the best treatment! And it does a great job. I must admit also I don’t floss as often as I should, so this good quality toothbrush makes this ok too. On the actual tooth surface however, I have noticed some slight discolouration. I have read on other blogs and asked my dentist, so apparently this is normal. I am definitely going to be getting some tooth whitening after this is over!

Thirdly, cost. It’s expensive. It’s hard to manage the repayments sometimes, living in the city that I do (Auckland – ridiculous house prices), and the rent prices how they are (outrageous).

I would definitely still recommend doing this, if you are reading this still doubting whether or not to go ahead. It is a large cost but your teeth are the only one’s you have, and the results will last you for always!

Comment below with questions/feedback or worries I am happy to respond.


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