Offical Start on Tray 1

I have now started my first set of trays.

The night before I started I went back to the dentist to get the attachments put on. Attachments are bumps that are glued to your teeth and help provide more grip for the invisalign to move your teeth with. It was utterly painless, and the hygienist at epsom dentists was a very nice guy. The process for putting the attachments on, is to first dry and polish the teeth that the attachments will go onto. Then, they place (horrible smelling) glue on the teeth as well as the stuff that hardens to become the attachment. After that, they place a duplicate of your invisalign tray on your teeth straight away so the stuff is moulded to the attachment holes, and set it using a light. Afterwards it was a strange feeling running your tongue over the attachments some of which are somewhat sharp. After I put my invisalign trays back on, they were so much tighter and harder to get off! I have figured out though to lift the trays out before trying to lift them up, and this will allow the tray to get over the attachment first.

My first day wearing the trays for the full minimum 20 hours had it’s ups and downs. I had got used to putting the trays back in after meals, and have sorted out a routine for taking the trays off at work and when to brush my teeth and so on. The hardest thing to get used to is the rubbing and irritation of the sharp edges against my tongue and lips. The dentist has let me know that using a nail file on those edges would help a lot, and on a particularly bad edge I filed the crap out of it, but it made minimal difference. For a job, I have to talk all day on the phone, so having this kind of irritation was unacceptable and I was feeling super down as to what I had got myself into. Luckily I managed to find something to try on trusty google. There is this product called orthodontic wax. The idea is you rub it on the sharp edges and it creates a barrier or a smoother surface between the sharp edge and whatever is irritated. For me, the worst was on the inside lower tray, but as soon as I put the wax on the sharp edge, I could feel the difference. Hallelujah. It does make the trays a little bit harder to clean, however so worth it.

I cannot recommend this enough – GET SOME! If you’re in New Zealand, it’s available from – otherwise they have a physical shop too in Auckland (Pakuranga).

So I start my second full day as a happy chappy with the tooth wax and my invisalign. I no longer find these trays tight, so I am excited for the two weeks time when I get to move on.

For reference, here is a picture of the tooth wax.



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