Tray 1

I have non-officially started my first invisalign trays. I say non-officially because my attachments have not been put on yet, therefore am just wearing the trays to get used to them!

Last night I put the lower and upper ones in, and I did feel some discomfort, because honestly its not a feeling you are used to. I took some panadol (painkillers) and slept pretty well. In the morning the discomfort was still there and although the tightness had eased slightly, it still feels strange. The closest words that I can use to describe it is irritating and itchy. I realise that you can’t have itchy teeth but it’s an annoying feeling nonetheless.


I baked some cookies today and when I went bite into the cookie I forgot about the trays, until too late. No mess was made, though it must’ve looked strange! I’m hoping that I will just get used to the feeling and the irritating nature of the pressure will decrease. As for talking, so I far haven’t noticed a huge difference, and maybe a VERY slight lisp, however the trays aren’t bulky and it is very easy to enunciate properly.

I am off to the dentist on thursday to get the attachments put on, which is when the treatment officially starts!

Picture to show the trays on, and I do have quite a lot of attachments to be put on as well, I feel like they are more noticeable than some of the other cases I’ve seen.




3 thoughts on “Tray 1

  1. Trust me when I say no one will notice the attachments unless they are actually looking at your teeth closely!
    I have 19 attachments including 5 on my front teeth and I thought they were highlighted and jumping out at people but no one noticed them except people who knew they were coming.

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  2. Good luck! What I normally do is change my trays on a Thursday night- take some pain killers, put the tray in and sleep through it. It makes the next day a lot easier. You will find it takes approx 5 days to get used to the first tray, though it gets better with each tray 🙂

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