Oral Surgery and almost beginning my treatment

I am about 2 days away from starting on my first upper and lower trays for invisalign.

Today, I had to go to the oral surgeon to get a baby tooth removed, and also an impacted canine, which leaves me with a gap, however I am hoping to get an implant to fill the space once my invisalign is finished. I had a great experience with the surgeon Dr Neil Luyk, he’s very to the point and explains everything very well also. This extraction was similar to wisdom teeth extraction, however today’s procedure was definitely not as sore afterwards, because I had 4 wisdom teeth removed previously.

I went back to Epsom Dentists last weekend to get my first trays, along with all the items that you need to keep the trays clean.  The first item of course was the two trays. Mine obviously look very different so it’s very easy for me to tell the difference, however if it is not readily apparent which tray is for which, there is a L for lower and a U for upper printed in black text on the tray on one of the back molars. Helpful!

Next was a tooth brush traditionally used for dentures as far as I can tell. It has a traditional tooth brush head but backing on a pointed brush, and it was explained to me that it’s for the small indents where the attachments go onto your teeth. Also traditionally used for dentures, was a packet of steradent. I am to soak the trays while having dinner.

Also included in the invisalign pack was two handy cases for your trays, and I was advised that it’s best to keep one at work and one with you all the time – great! I am super forgetful and loose things so easily so fingers crossed!

Lastly, there was a tube of tooth mousse. The instructions were to coat the inside of the trays right before you put the trays in for the night, which helps stop decay.

Finally time to start the treatment.



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