Finding an Invisalign Provider

I did a lot of research about finding a provider to do my Invisalign treatment – which is SO important since you will be seeing them all the time. This research consisted mainly of googling. Apart from the main Invisalign website, I came across an ad for Epsom Dentists who were promoting a free Invisalign consultation.I gave them a call that day, and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were open weekends (which suited my schedule) and also able to fit me in really quick.I had my initial consultation with the nurse (Alisha) who was so nice, and explained everything so well, I felt really positive about the whole experience. So, at the end of my consult, I decided to proceed with the next step. There was a cost of around $350 ish dollars after the free consultation to take the moulds of my teeth, take X-rays and to have a consultation with the main dentist/orthodontist Dennis Cham to discuss the treatment options. Dr Dennis was fantastic, funny, and such a positive guy who explained in depth about what he can do, and about the options for me. He gave me three options, firstly the Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, or the traditional metal braces. For my case, he was clear that he would prefer to use normal metal braces, or clear braces as they would be possibly quicker, and perhaps easier in my case.I explained however that I was NOT interested in having traditional braces, and he accepted this without pushing and gave me a quote for all options for me to consider.I can honestly not give a higher praise for the team at Epsom Dentists, because I kept the dentist occupied for SO long but never felt hurried, and made me feel valued, and not just out to get money.

If you want to give them a call: 09-630 6883


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