Cost of Invisalign in New Zealand

I decided to proceed with the planned Invisalign treatment, and the team at Epsom Dentists hit me with the quotes.

So my planned Invisalign should cost $9545.00 including GST.


There’s a couple of options regarding the payment, you can take their interest free option to pay it off, or pay it off in one lump sum. Since I wanted to be able to afford to get to work and eat, I opted to pay it off monthly. With the option I chose, there is an initial deposit of $3500 to send the treatment plan away to the US to get the invisalign trays made. Then for my treatment, a balance of $1000 payable when the treatment starts, then a monthly amount of $280.28 per month for 18 months.

It is a huge cost in the short term, but I figured that since I’m in my (early) 20’s, it is definitely an investment. Surprisingly, it is the cheapest option when compared against the metal option or the ceramic braces option.

If you’re considering the Invisalign, and are put off by the above costing, just remember my case is quite bad, and my cost is on the upper end of the scale!

At the moment, I have paid the deposit, and am waiting for my Invisalign to arrive! Photos and the next steps to follow.


4 thoughts on “Cost of Invisalign in New Zealand

  1. I found your blog via your post on /r/invisalign. I’m getting invisalign through Epsom dentists too! Mine cost just shy of $11,000. I’m just over halfway through a 2 year treatment and it’s gone really well so far. I can tell you though, when they recommend using tooth mousse – do it! Every night! They help to prevent cavaties which are a huge issue with invisalign.


  2. Hi! I found your blog on reddit too. I live in Dunedin, FL, US. Going for my first Invisalign Appointment in a couple weeks – I’m so excited (minus the hit my wallet is about to take)! Good luck to you on the journey! 🙂


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